Damrell's Fire - Full PBS Movie - IMDb RATING 7.9/10:

Docema's first film, Damrell's Fire, was first broadcast on PBS in 2006 and recounts the Great Boston Fire of 1872. The fire burned down 65 acres of large buildings in the center of Boston. It still ranks as one of the five most destructive fires on record in the US and, in the 19th century, was second only to the Great Chicago Fire the year before. But this disaster was not well known even in Boston, which made it attractive to us as a subject: all the drama of a big fire, but not over worn.

As time went on, however, our research on John Damrell, Boston's fire chief who directed his firefighters to stem the firestorm, changed the focus of the movie and it soon became Damrell's Fire. To see the evolution of the film with its detailed modeling, splendid animation, and inspirational music, you are invited to watch the short clips below.

The Making Of: The Story of Damrell's Fire

The Making Of: The Animation of Damrell's Fire

The Making Of: The Music of Damrell's Fire

Hero at the Great Boston Fire of 1872