Colonial Exhibit at New York City Fire Museum:

300 Years Ago New York had a Problem...

News Coverage of the 2024 Grand Opening of the Permanent Exhibit

Continued News Coverage of the 2024 Grand Opening of the Permanent Exhibit

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Television coverage from News 12 Channel's reporter John Tejada

The New York City Fire Museum is showcasing a new exhibition titled "Colonial Firefighting & The American Revolution", which explores the early days of the FDNY from 1620 to 1776. The exhibit features multimedia presentations depicting major colonial-era events and original artworks.

In addition, the exhibit displays a special replica of the Newsham Engine brought in from Colonial Williamsburg. It is a functioning model of the first fire engine that was used in New York to fight fires in the 1730s.

Bruce Twickler, the author of New York Firefighting and the American Revolution came up with the idea and organized the exhibit. The exhibition runs from March 15 to August 13 and is open Wednesday through Sunday.

NYC Fire Museum Opens Exhibition, "Colonial Firefighting & The American Revolution"

On March 15, 2023, the New York City Fire Museum launched a new exhibition, Colonial Firefighting & the American Revolution, which presents the untold story of a group of volunteers, the colonial FDNY, that stood between New York and disaster during years of rampant arson, wars for North America, and the American Revolution.