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#1. The Art of Saving New York

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View of Harbor from Bowling Green (1664)

Map of New York Wards (1700)

The Newsham Engine (1730's)

View of Broadway from Wall Street (1776)

Firefighters Save St. Paul's

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The Art of Saving New York ($9.95) see above.

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The Saving New York Website
provides another dimension for understanding the American Revolution.

Superb original Illustrations, Maps, Graphs, and Stories

Beautiful reconstructions of New York and New Amsterdam in the 17th and 18th centuries based upon archival drawings and maps (see tabs above).

Instructive models, Animations, and Entertaining Spreadsheets

Scholars may value the databases, like the 1703 Census of individual households by sex, age, race, ward in analyzable Excel spreadsheets.

Hard-to-find Colonial News Articles on Fires and Firefighting

History buffs & students can easily dig deeper into the history of colonial fires by clicking the thumbnail links of actual colonial newspaper articles.

For a complete detailed view and direct access to the website visit:
Saving New York At-a-Glance