Part Two: Web Appendices 15-22

  1. Fires of the "Revolt" of 1741 - A map of the ten fires in New York attributed to arson and projected as a slave conspiracy in the spring of 1741.

  2. Night Watch/Lighting Expenditures - New York's dramatic increase in wealth during the Seven Years War (1756 - 1763) provided both the incentive and the funds for an improved Watch and City Lighting.

  3. Map of Wards (Engines & Firemen) circa 1769 - This overlay of the Ratzen Plan Map from 1767 illustrates the boundaries of the wards with the complement of engines and firemen assigned to each ward in 1769.

  4. Growth of the FDNY - The First Four Decades - This hard-working graph shows the growth in engines and firemen from the inception of the FDNY in 1738 to 1775. Also shown are the references for each.

  5. New-York Fires 1761 - 1775 - There were twenty-five newsworthy fires in New York between 1761 and 1775. Graphs here show number of fires for each year and summary type of fire for the period. Also included are thumbnail links to the newspaper reports for each fire.

  6. The 1770 List of Merchants Favoring Importation - List of those favoring importation of British goods published in newspaper in 1770. It was a harbinger of conflict to follow as many on list became Loyalists later including five leaders of FDNY during Revolution.

  7. Comparison of Firemen in 1772 & 1776 - List of firemen in 1776 which when compared to list of 1772 results in graph of number who stayed with department, those who resigned, and those who replaced those who left.

  8. Firemen in Patriot Military, Loyalists, Others - Analysis and graphs of estimates of the number (and %) of firemen who joined the Patriot military, those who were loyalists, those who left town, and those uncategorized who may have stayed in town.