Part One: Web Appendices 1-14

  1. New-York Fires 1761 - 1775 - There were twenty-five newsworthy fires in New York between 1761 and 1775. Graphs here show number of fires for each year and summary type of fire for the period. Also included are thumbnail links to the newspaper reports for each fire.

  2. Map of Combustibles Found During/After 1776 Fire - Using the sworn-testimony of the Carleton Commission, this map illustrates where firesticks and other combustible caches were found after the fire of 1776. The reference table gives summary of data and type of combustible found.

  3. Guilders, Pelts, Wampum (References) - Monetary units of colonial New Amsterdam including coinage, wampum (beads), and merchantable beaver pelts. Chart of inflation of wampum and estimate of changes in value of pelts.

  4. Roelantsen House 1642 - Six illustrations of colonial Dutch House: major structural components from the front and side; interior room layouts from rear and side; stairs and 2nd floor attic; and exterior view.

  5. The Palisade Wall & the Plank Wall - Details of the Walls built to secure the borders of the Dutch settlement on Manhattan against the English and Native Americans from 1653 to 1664. This early Wall gave New York’s Wall Street its name.

  6. Distribution of Fire Buckets (References) - The placement of 150 fire buckets, New Amsterdam’s first public firefighting tools, shown on the Castello Map in the early 1660s.

  7. Why the Dutch Gave up New Netherland - Expanded analysis of why and how the Dutch gave up Manhattan (twice) after the Second and Third Anglo-Dutch Wars of the 17th Century.

  8. Map of New York City Wards 1700 (References) - A map of New York showing the initial Ward boundaries and the growth of the city at the beginning of the 18th Century.

  9. Population, Houses, Households circa 1700 - Tables and analysis from the tax list of 1695 and the census of 1703.

  10. Van der Heyden - New vs. Old Engine Techniques - Illustrations of firefighting equipment - fire engines, hose, and tools and the firefighting techniques developed in 17th-18th century Holland.

  11. Slaveholding by Household Class circa 1700 - Estimates of slaveholding (# and %) in three Household Asset Classes in the South Ward of 1700 New York with links to spreadsheet data from the 1695 Tax Rolls and 1703 Census.

  12. Ethnic Composition of New-York 1700-1730 - Transcribed Data from Joyce D. Goodfriend along with graphs of Ethnicity of White Adult Males showing changes in the proportion of English/Dutch in the first 30 years of 18th century.

  13. A Newsham Broadside - A Broadside advertisement illustrating the machine in use fighting fire along with tables of specifications of early hand-pumped fire engines.

  14. Newsham Engine circa 1730 - Six views of an early Newsham engine as imported into New York including mechanical diagrams and x-ray views.