Appendix #25: Map of Combustibles References

Reference Table for Witness, Location, Combustible as shown in Illustration 2 & 25: Map of Combustibles

See Carleton Commission Report for sworn testimony of witnesses listed below.

# column represents witness number in Summary Table

1George Kerr3843rd RegimentWest Side of Broadway near St. Paul'sgunpowder keg/matches bundles
2Sergeant Norton3943rd RegimentChatham Rowmatches in house
3Lee Ashton3543rd RegimentOswego Marketmatches on person
4John Cochran3743rd RegimentBroadway (mid-way)matches on person
5John Grundy3643rd RegimentLower Broad Streettorch held by person
6James Wells32LoyalistBroad between Princes & GardenCache of matches in house
7, 8, 9John Burns26FiremanDock, New, and Broad StreetsCaches of matches
10William Hervey13LoyalistSmith StreetKeg of gunpowder with fuse
11Jeronymous Alstine25FiremanWater StreetMatches Strewn About
12Peter Bilter31LoyalistFly MarketMatches Left by intruder.
13Samuel Bayard29Loyalistlittle Dock StreetMatches under steps
14Mr. Chew3British AuxiliaryCruger's WharfMatches under corner
15Mr. Chew3British AuxiliarySmith StreetBarrel of fire-sticks in cooper's shop
16Henry Law6British AuxiliaryCruger's WarehousesStorage of large quatities