Part Three: Web Appendices 23-30

  1. The Fire of 1776 - Detailed maps, narrative, and references for the fire in New York in September 1776 a few days after the British gained control of the city.

  2. Trinity Church Before & After the Fire - A view of Trinity Church from the Hudson River side before and after the 1776 fire.

  3. Map of Combustibles Found During/After 1776 Fire - Using the sworn-testimony of the Carleton Commission, this map illustrates where firesticks and other combustible caches were found after the fire of 1776. The reference table gives summary of data and type of combustible found.

  4. Carleton Commission Testimonies - An Introduction, Summary, Highlights, and Transcription of the Carleton Commission investigating in 1783 the Fire of 1776... about 90 pages of testimony from forty witnesses.

  5. The Map of the Fire of 1778 - Map of the fire of 1778 showing change to the east side dock-line as shown in the Grim Map of the 1776 fire.

  6. Fires in New York 1777 – 1783 - Number and scale of fires from 1777 – 1783 including references.

  7. Advertisement to Replace Firemen/Robinson Appointment - Many Loyalist firemen and others who did not feel the new American government would act in their best interest had “removed” to other parts. Each of the five engineers appointed by Robertson formally in 1782 listed their name as a contact for recruitment.

  8. Proposal for a Post-War Fire Department - Four of the Loyalist Engineers during the Revolution petition the governor of New York state in November 1783 to continue their management of the FDNY with a listing of engine companies with foremen.