Appendix #29: Advertisement to Replace Firemen/Robinson Appointment

Illustration 29: Advertisement to Replace Firemen in 1783

Many Loyalist firemen and others who did not feel the new American government would act in their best interest had “removed” to other parts. Each of the five engineers appointed by Robertson formally in 1782 (see Transcript below) listed their name as a contact for recruitment.

New-York Gazette, and Weekly Mercury Monday, Aug 11, 1783 New York, NY Issue: 1660 Page: 3

Transcript of General Robertson’s Appointment
of FDNY Engineers during Revolutionary War

From a facsimile of the manuscript provided by
the New York City Fire Museum from a private collection.

By His Excellency James Robertson Esquire,

Captain General and Governor in Chief in and over the Province of Newyork and the Territories depending thereon in America Chancellor, and Vice Admiral of the same, and Lieutenant General of His Majesty’s Forces./_

To John B. Dash, George Stanton, Francis Dominick, Jeronimus Alstyne and George
Wallagrave, all of the city of Newyork in America________Greeting,, xx xx

Reposing Especial Trust and Confidence in you and Each of your Loyalty, Integrity and Abilities, I have thought fit to appoint, and I do by these Presents appoint you and each of you to be the Ingineers in and over the different Fire Engine Companies belonging to the City of Newyork during pleasure, and you and each of your good behaviour in the said office; with full Power and Authority to Command the Fire Engine Company or Companies that shall or may be imbodied under you, and to give such Orders to your Formen and Common men Acting under you in Time of Fire and at all Times, as to you and each of you shall seem Necessary and as Occasion shall Require, for the safety and preservation of this City._Giving and granting unto you and each of you Jointly by these presents full Power and Authority to order the Inhabitants, in time of Fire into the Ranks, so as to supply the Engines with Water and to Act in Conjunction with those who shall or may be appointed for that purpose; and likewise full Power and Authority to grant Warrants under your Hand to any Person or persons in your said Company whom you upon Consultation of Each other, shall or may think proper to nominate or appoint to Act as Foremen under you, and to levey such Fines on any man or Number of men, belonging to your said Company who may neglect or disobey your Orders; and also full Power to Act and Command your said Companies from time to time as Occasion may require./___

Given under my Hand and Seal at Arms, at Fort George in The City of Newyork the Twelfth Day of April, onethousand Seven Hundred and Eighty Two, and in the Twenty second year of His Majestys Reign./.. ___ ___

James Robertson