A short summary, thumbnails, and links to the many Maps on this site. These maps are in two general categories - archival maps of the time with new data overlayed on them (such as the Stokes redraft of the circa 1660 Castello map) and maps of New York extrapolated from several archival maps (such as the Map of the 1778 Fire, which modifies the outdated Grim Map with shorelines from maps closer to, but after, 1778.

Map of New Netherland (Part 1) Shows the Dutch colonial claims on Manhattan, Long Island, and along the Hudson, Delaware, and Connecticut Rivers. Also illustrated is the the Stokes redraft of the Castello map of New Amsterdam circa 1660 and a detail of the Stokes redraft showing the location of the Roelantsen House.

The 1660 Map of Wall (Part 1) Shows stone bastions with cannons added along Wall Street and extension of the wall added down the Hudson River. Houses highlighted show where the city fire buckets were stored.

Map of New York City Wards 1700 (References) (Part 1) A map of New York showing the initial Ward boundaries and the growth of the city at the beginning of the 18th Century. Also includes discusssions of and thumbnail links to the Stokes Redraft of the Castello Plan (1916), New Yorke the Miller Plan (1696), and the Bradford Map (1731).

Fires of the "Revolt" of 1741 (Part 2) A map of the ten fires in New York attributed to arson and projected as a slave conspiracy in the spring of 1741.

Map of Wards (Engines & Firemen) circa 1769 (Part 2) This overlay of the Ratzen Plan Map from 1767 illustrates the boundaries of the wards with the complement of engines and firemen assigned to each ward in 1769.

The Fire of 1776 (Part 2 & 3) Detailed maps, narrative, and references for the fire in New York in September 1776 a few days after the British gained control of the city.

Map of Combustibles Found During/After 1776 Fire (Part 3) Using testimony of the Carleton Commission, this map illustrates where firesticks and other combustible caches were found after fire of 1776. The reference gives summary of data and type of combustible found.

The Map of the Fire of 1778 (Part 3) Map of the fire of 1778 showing the changes to the east side dock-line from 1776 and extent of 1778 fire. This original map interpolates the Grim Map of 1776 fire, the Stevens' Headquarters Map 1782, and the McComb-Tiebout Map 1789 to give a more probable dock-line in 1778 than the Grim Map alone.